Our icon is a medieval sun, redrawn from the Flammarion engraving, an anonymous wood engraving first published in 1888. That original work portrayed a traveller reaching the ends of the earth, and poking his head through to new realms of imagined futures.

The sun conveys the core of what we do. Night and day. Earthly and cosmic. We create worlds, and worlds revolve around the sun.

THE WORLD OF is an experiential agency at the juncture of culture, technology and the human condition. A pioneer of imaginative world-building, it transports audiences through new dimensions, forging moments of meaningful exchange.

The studio’s practice is deeply rooted in archival research and incisive collaborations—with artists, designers, architects, musicians and creative technologists. At its core is the belief that emotional connection is grounded in the physical: tangible, sensory, in-person experiences. Its clientele are global, moving between disciplines and markets.

THE WORLD OF was formerly known as Kat&Co, a name it traded under for over a decade. Their award-winning team remain at the helm of the rebranded agency. Offices are located at Studio 1, 115 Flinders Street, Surry Hills.


Creative Strategy and Direction
from concept to execution

Experiential Marketing
with cultural and strategic cut-through

Design and Production
as trusted, innovative partners

Content Creation
extending audience reach

Digital Technology
leveraging XR, AI and more to elevate physical experiences

. Red Footed Companion (2023) - Troy Emery


THE WORLD OF clientele span fashion, beauty, media, travel, technology and the arts. They engage our offices for strategic, concept-driven events and special projects that move between the physical and virtual.